Location: Santa Monica, CA
Age: 28
Profession: Physical Therapist
Fitness Style: HIIT workouts, pilates, yoga, weight training – whatever challenges me most!
Go To Exercise: Planks
Favorite Workout Song: “Runaway” by Galantis
How did you get started in fitness and Team Performix?    

I was a gymnast for 9 years. One day, my mom snuck me into her pilates class and I was instantly hooked. I love feeling and learning movements within my body. I was attracted to Performix because I really admire Michael Vazquez’s ability to use his own body in powerful ways like I do! 

How are you driven in fitness and in life?    

I work out hard because I value my health and I’m grateful for the capable body I’ve been blessed with. I am driven to keep it healthy as much as I’m driven to push the limits in every aspect of my life! My gratitude keeps me driven. 

What advice can you give to our fans who are just starting out or looking to get back to the gym?    

I always recommend finding an instructor and class you respond well to. It may be the type of class or the people in the class you vibe with. Either way, find something that makes you want to go back to. 

If you had to pick only 3 exercises what would they be and why?     

  • Squats—they’re functional for life in everything we do! 
  • Planks—they active the entire body and create a strong core and scapular stability!
  • Lateral step downs—they activate your lateral stabilizing glute that helps prevent knee and back pain! 

Follow Jen on Instagram at @docjenfit.

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