TNA wrestler Rob Strauss, better known by his wrestling name Robbie E., is among the final competitors in the hunt for $1 million on the reality game show Amazing Race. Partnered with TNA knockout Brooke Adams in a team called “The Wrestlers,” the duo looks to beat “The Scientists” “The Dentists” and “The Surfers” in Friday’s season finale. The road to the last leg of the 25th Amazing Race was not an easy one for Strauss, who prior to filming the show, trained for four months like never before.

“In preparing to literally race around the world, I needed to be mentally and physically prepared,” says Strauss. “I am used to training at heavy volume for my life in the ring but for Amazing Race I altered my training to be more functional and utilize body weight resistance because I knew that a hybrid of strength and endurance was required.”

Strauss’ cardio routine to prepare for Amazing Race included the Jacob’s Ladder, plyometrics exercises, battling ropes, outdoor hill running, and running bleachers. On the diet front, things didn’t change much as the former TNA Television, X Division and Tag Team Champion always eats predominantly protein.

Robbie E wrestling match

“I try to eat every 3-5 hours, making sure my calories each meal are 75% protein,” says Strauss. “On days when I’m training heavy, I eat a carb meal after a strenuous workout, but I try to get my most of my carbs from vegetables, brown rice and sweet potatoes.”

A native of Woodbridge, New Jersey, Strauss, whose wrestling character is akin to Pauly D of MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” lifts weights four days a week and travels Thursday to Sunday to wrestle around the world. Strauss makes his return to TNA television on January 7, 2015 and he has his sight sets on taking home gold.

“I plan on reuniting with my tag partner Jessie Godderz and getting a third tag team title run as the BroMans,” says Strauss. “In addition to that, it’s time to be a grand slam champion and get that world title. I’m ready and the people are ready. Robbie E. can go in the ring and I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to show it!”

Robbie E. Amazing Race

Whether or not “The Wrestlers” take home the $1 million in Amazing Race prize money, Strauss says he learned an invaluable lesson competing on the show.

“I learned to have patience,” says Strauss. “No matter how hard it seems if you work hard, you can get through it.”

Of all of the challenges Strauss faced during the competition, he says that the breakup of his usual gym and diet routine was most difficult.

“Having to go through grueling activities on no rest and off my usual workout and eating routine was the hardest challenge,” says Strauss.

As for his advice to athletes for staying consistent in the gym, Strauss suggests imagining getting paid to look good, a lot like him.

“Try to look at staying physically fit as part of your job, like its something you have to do,” says Strauss. “You put the work in at the gym and your compensation is the results you get – a long, healthy life and a smokin’ hot body.”

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