M&F: Has your sex appeal helped you take your IFBB bikini career to the next level?

ML: I am still trying to figure out what IFBB bikini actually means; I think it means “the perfect bikini body” from a fitness point of view. I’m sure it helped to add some hotness into it all, but I need to keep it clean. Preferably more pretty than vulgar. And that line is extremely thin.

Do you consider yourself sexy?

It’s probably hard to believe, but I hate to see my own pictures. I can’t stand it. However, I’ve learned how to pose and how to express myself to make pictures sell. I know what other people want from me. Maybe it’s this that keeps me down to earth.

Do blondes really “have more fun”?

At the Playboy Mansion. But in real life? Nah. I used to be blonde, and when I was, I was sorting papers at a clinic. I dyed my hair pitch black, and from that point on, things happened for me.

Do you think guys like the fact that you train as hard as they do?

I know that is a total turn-on. Girls who lift have the most amazing bodies in the world and have an unstoppable energy. We will be happier to get a new Nike top than a Gucci bag. Now if that isn’t the ideal dream girl, then what is?

What is the worst pickup line guys at the gym try to use on you?

It starts to get annoying when I’m working out by a mirror and a guy comes up next to me, lifts up his shirt, and starts flexing. And then there are guys screaming out loud when they’re cheating biceps curls and then stare at me in a mirror to see if I noticed them. If that doesn’t work, they scream just a little louder.

About the Model

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 125 lbs

Age: 28

Residence: Miami Beach, FL

Instagram: @Michelle_Lewin_