What in the world was Amir Johnson thinking?  During a game between the Portland Trail Blazers and Johnson's Toronto Raptors, the center would not give referee David Jones the ball after a free throw. The pair exchanged a few words and then Jones ejected the player.

A bad night for Johnson got worse when he decided the best course of action would be as follows:

1. Attempt to confront the referee.

2. Throw his mouthpiece at the referee.

Luckily, some teammates intervened to escort Johnson away from the court. The 25-year-old did see the error of his ways after the game.

"I think it was just really childish. It was something that didn't need to happen," he said, according to ESPN. "I lost my cool and I apologize on my part."

However, just like the commentator quips at the end of this clip: "That's going to cost you a few bucks!"