Zion Clark is a high level college wrestler without legs, who also happens to have one of the most inspiring journeys ever—and he’s just getting started. He suffers from caudal regression syndrome, which caused him to be born without legs. When Clark was born, he was immediately put up for adoption and bounced around from foster home to foster home being physically abused on the way. Despite his rough beginning, he never took pity on himself, and ultimately decided to take up wrestling in high school were he finished with a 33-15 record during his senior year. 

Clark told ESPN, “Wrestling has changed my life to the point where when I come to an obstacle in my life, I instantly figure out a way to get past it and move on.”

The national media quickly took to his incredible story, and Netflix made a documentary short about Zion last year. Here’s the trailer.

Currently he’s enrolled in Kent State, where he’s perusing a degree in business management, and continuing his wrestling career as well. Most recently, he was at the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival where he placed second in wheelchair calisthenics. 

Although Clark credits wrestling for helping him develop into the person he is today, he’s currently trying to make it to the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo. His passion for track began back in 2016 when he won a pair of state titles—one in the 100 meters race, the other in 400 meters race.

A look at some of Clark’s most inspirational Instagram posts below, is a quick reminder that there are no excuses.