“I never say use the words ‘I can’t.’ I will just simply say ‘I will try.’ That is how I live my life, every day,” says Ms. Willie Murphy. If you have overindulged over Thanksgiving and need a little motivation to get back to the gym, then take a few minutes to check out how this 77-year-old lady gets it done.

Murphy, who is a competitive power lifter, weighs 105 and deadlifts 215 pounds, and power curls 60 pounds. The Democrat and Chronicle in Rochester, NY, profiled Murphy last week and journalist Erica Bryant reports that the septuagenarian can also do one-handed pull-ups, one-handed pushups and fingertip pushups. In the video below, Murphy also lists how the work she does in the gym has positively impacted her life. Check it out, it might be the lift you need to get lifting!