Though Arnold Schwarzenegger was busy doing his thing at the Arnold Classic, including officially announcing his return to Muscle & Fitness and FLEX as executive editor, this inspirational “Linda” workout from war veteran Derick Carver did not go unnoticed by him.

The Oak was so taken by this performance that he took to Reddit to spread the word about Carver with a post titled: “This inspired me, and I bet it will inspire you.” In it, he explained the following:

“I am sorry I missed seeing this live at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus this weekend, but when I saw the video I was immediately inspired. There really are no excuses for not working out. I am hoping to track Derick down so I can work out with him.”

Arnold later updated the post saying that he had made contact with Carver, and that he would let fans know when they got together.

Carver was injured by an IED in Afghanistan in 2010 and lost his left leg and nearly half of his right thigh. Describing his indomitable spirit, Carver’s friend Dale King of Portsmouth Spartan Kettle Bell Club recounted the exchange Carver had with his doctor when he was taken to the combat hospital after his injury, joking that one of the first questions out of his mouth was, “I don’t care about my leg, but how does my d*** look?!”

King continues, “He assured me this was only a temporary setback, he would most assuredly kick the recovery/therapy thing dead square in the ass, be back in no time, and he was going to spend the rest of his career helping other wounded warriors.”

And, as this video of him at The Arnold shows, he did exactly that.

You cannot keep a good person down, and the way Carver has rehabbed and excelled is a testament. As Arnold says, there really are no excuses for not working out. If you need a lift to help you on your path to fitness and strength, just take a look at this video. We’ll keep you posted on when Arnold, Derick and the M&F team get together.