Arnold Records 'Terminator' Voice for App

The Waze navigation app now offers Terminator-themed directions.

terminator genisys trailer

Go with him if you want to, well, get where you're going. For the first time ever, Arnold Schwarzenegger (in Terminator character) is offering driving directions. The Waze navigation app tracked down the former governor and got him to voice everything from, "turn left," to his iconic, "Hasta la vista, baby," to end your trip. No, we're not kidding, here's the video!

It's no secret what this is all about. With the new Terminator: Genisys film looming, here's hoping we see some other Arnold-centric promotion in coming weeks. 

According to USA Today, the app will only be available through the middle of July. That said, it's free and the Google-owned app even tweeted out some handy instructions to get your Arnold-voiced directions up and running. We suggest you use them --- do it now!

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