While we love Arnold for his training tips and massive arms, his acting and producing career has really kicked off again since he left the world of politics. Not only did he recently confirm that he would be playing the lead in Terminator 5, he is also set to executive produce and star in a bodybuilding series entitled Pump on Showtime. Now, Variety is reporting that the former governor of California will play a leading role in a zombie movie entitled Maggie.

The premise of the movie goes something like this: A plague has hit the country and is slowly turning humans into zombies. Arnold is slated to play the role of a dad who is trying to help his daughter, who is infected with the terrible affliction. Filming is set to start after the summer and Henry Hobson will direct.

We couldn’t let the opportunity pass to tell you about one of Arnold’s, erm, most dedicated fans. While we all love our Arnold, we can’t say we would go as far as expressing it in a manner like this particular fan did. After Arnold autographed the back of his head, this gentleman decided to make the autograph permanent with a tattoo. Check out Arnold’s tweet:

Here is the before and after shot:


Arnold fan tat head