Arnold Sanctions Our Official M&F Greeting

Executive editor Arnold Schwarzenegger and editor-in-chief Shawn Perine show off their guns.

Arnold and Shawn

Our executive editor Arnold Schwarzenegger and editor-in-chief Shawn Perine met over the weekend at an event for After School All Stars, a cause worth checking out.

Arnold took to Twitter and posted this message:

If you want to master the official M&F greeting, here are some rules to abide by.

1. Never present yourself for an official M&F greeting unless your biceps are beyond reproach (check out exhibits A and B above). If you need to brush up on your biceps, then refer to the following:
Arm Yourself with This Biceps-Blasting
4 Arm Exercises For Bigger Biceps
or, for the very confident among you:
Build Arms Like Arnold Schwarzenegger

2. The greeting should take place pre- or post-workout. Gym time is work time.

3. Always smile. Support your fellow M&Fers.

Arnold and Shawn continue to set a high bar in and out of the gym. Be positive and encourage other fitness buffs on their journey towards their strength and fitness goals.

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