Even the best bodybuilder who spends most of their time refraining from sugar will admit there’s at least one guilty pleasure they simply can’t resist— whether that be chocolate chip cookies, jelly beans, candy, or cake.

Unsurprisingly, seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger’s guilty pleasure appears to be anything from Vienna—he is called the Austrian Oak, after all. Arnold recently sat down with his Terminator: Dark Fate co-star Linda Hamilton for an edition of “Snack Wars,” a show that pits American sweets against another country’s. It’s hosted by LADBible, a popular Britain-based Facebook page. 

If you have five minutes, we highly recommend checking out the video. Arnold and Linda squabble over the options like an old married couple, and the two even feed and kiss each other. And then there’s Arnold suggestively eating a phallic-shaped chocolate … that’s an image we could’ve done without. 

The two can be pretty cute when they’re not battling over the fate of the future. See which U.S. and Austrian confectionaries the two had to decide between here: 

Arnold’s clearly in heaven each time he digs into something from his homeland, and Linda seems firmly in team USA’s camp. As a result, the contest ends in a draw. We would’ve liked to see them duke it out Terminator-style, but we’ll have to wait until Dark Fate is in theaters on November 1 to see the two in action together again.