Arnold Schwarzenegger is not losing it. Well, not really. First, he fried ostrich eggs on his tank to make an epic steak and egger sandwich. Now, instead of making things, he’s getting into his tank to destroy things … and loving the wreckage and mayhem he’s leaving behind. But all for a worthy cause—he’s doing it all to promote the charity After-School All-Stars.

The latest stunt idea came from fellow Redditor—Arnold is a dedicated Reddit user (GovSchwarzenegger).

“This is, unfortunately, the last video I’ll be making for my fundraising campaign,” Arnold explained on the link sharing site. “But it’s the best one, because the idea came from redditors. Thanks to /u/ipeeinyourshower for the idea. Yes, I just mentioned that username. And thanks to all of you who have supported After-School All-Stars with either donations or ideas of what I could crush.

“We’re ending the contest on Friday. I’ve mostly joked around in my promotion, but this is a serious issue. After-school programs have been close to my heart for more than 20 years. If you look at the crime statistics for kids between 3 and 6, you understand why after-school programs are so important. We’re giving a safe-haven to some of our most vulnerable kids during the most dangerous part of the day. Instead of letting them be pulled away by bad influences, we keep them in a program that their parents don’t have to pay a dime for. There is nothing more worthwhile.

“Learn more here:, and enter here: Your 10 dollar donation gives a kid 2 days of programs, and if that doesn’t do it for you, you get a chance to hang out with me and ride in my tank.”

Check out this awesome video, and if you can, support the program and enter for your chance to join Arnold and crush some more stuff: