Arnold Schwarzenegger took time out of his hectic schedule recently to cook a steak and egger sandwich on his M47 Patton with the dudes from Epic Meal Time. If he wasn’t busy enough telling fans about Terminator: Genesis, or promoting Sabotage with Joe Manganiello, he still squeezed some time to fry up some enormous ostrich eggs on his tank.

But it’s not like Arnold goes around doing this for nothing. No way folks, Arnold and the Epic Meal Time team, including creator Harley Morenstein, want to give you the chance win the opportunity to cook a meal with them, and this is just a taste of what the winner can expect – as well as getting to ride in the tank with Arnold. If this is something you might be interested in, visit to enter. All entrants will be helping to support After-School All-Stars, which is “the leading provider of year-round, school-based, comprehensive after-school programs.”

Arnold took to Reddit today to talk about the sandwich-making effort with a post entitled: “If you want to get big, eat big. Really big.” We’ll hand it over to him to set the scene:  “Obviously this is more of a fun video than a workout video, but I wanted to share with you guys. Everybody talks about cheat meals, but you can’t beat the Steak and Egger sandwich I made with the guys from Epic Meal Time. If you ever wanted to watch me do triceps push ups on a sandwich, enjoy:”