Our Executive Editor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is usually more at home behind the wheel of a tank or a hummer, but he decided to employ another mode of transport at the Cowboy Christmas Gift Show in Las Vegas, much to the amusement of all his fans. One of them captured this awesome footage on his phone, and Arnold later took to Twitter and Reddit to tell followers that he enjoyed the experience or riding this toy horse.

Arnold was asked by Claudio_Kilgannon on Reddit about the clip:
Claudio_Kilgannon: “Where was this, by the way? Also, does it bug you to always have this many people around you? Or do you not mind to be surrounded?”
GovSchwarzenegger replied: “It was in Vegas. I went to the rodeo and cowboy Christmas gift show Monday. My belief is that as an actor you have a bigger problem if no one is looking at you, so be as nice as you can to the fans. That said, I’ve talked here before about talking to me during a workout. See you guys later! I just wanted to say thanks.”

Classic Arnold, you are always welcome to chat to him, except when he is getting his workout in! Check it out: