Actor and comedian Tom Arnold was looking fitter than ever in a recent appearance on Conan. Arnold credited his astounding 90-pound weight loss to two things: Becoming a dad for the first time at 54, and working out with his good friend and True Lies costar Arnold Schwarzenegger, who happens to know a thing or two about fitness. 

Talking about the discovery that he couldn’t stay on his unhealthy, sedentary path now that he’s a father, Arnold joked to Conan O’Brien, “I’m, like, his only dad. You know? It’s crazy! So that’s a lifelong commitment, for real.”

As for what working out at Arnold’s private gym is like, he explained, “He’s the greatest bodybuilder that ever lived, but he’s also your buddy … So he invites me to the house and his gym—it’s weird … It’s like if Liberace had a gym. There’s columns and statues and paintings of his family.” And Arnold’s unorthodox motivational techniques: “He goes, ‘Your calves look fantastic,’ and then he insults me. He’ll always say one nice thing and make you feel good, but then he’s like…”

We took a little look at our Executive Editor’s Twitter feed and unearthed the awesome photo above from October of Arnold, Tom and the fitness-motivating baby in question, with the following caption: “Fantastic to see @TomArnold and Jax while Tom was on daddy duty this weekend. Luckily Jax got his mother’s looks.”

Check out the video of Tom Arnold’s interview with Conan to see more about what Arnold’s gym is really like, and how the seven-time Mr. OIympia motivates people who work out.

Photo credit: @Schwarzenegger