Bud Light dropped the full Super Bowl ad that features Arnold Schwarzenegger, and it is quite a production. An unsuspecting Ian Rappaport is taken out on the night of his life, and as you will see in the ad, he meets some very interesting characters along the way. The one we are most interested in is when he meets Arnold, as you have never seen him before. Our Executive Editor channels his inner Bjorn Borg for the look (remember, he is becoming the master of disguise, as his recent undercover turn as Howard the trainer at Gold’s Gym shows), but he still delivers some zingers with his own tailored panache. “Prepared to be crushed, at tiny tennis,” is his opening shot, followed up with this backhanded compliment: “Not a bad shot, for my little princess!” Check it out:


Arnold took to Twitter to tell followers about the experience:

Check out the extended scenes video. You can take Arnold out of bodybuilding, but you can never take the bodybuilding out of Arnold. Case in point, when Ian strikes a pose, Arnold cannot help but to give him some pointers. “Pull in your stomach when you are doing that pose.” That line didn’t make the final cut, but we didn’t miss it! Legend.