Let’s face it — Arnold Schwarzenegger can’t be an active Terminator forever.

Make no mistake, the Austrian Oak is still going strong in the gym. He doesn’t need a ton of CG to look good on the big screen, but even he knows he’ll have to pass the baton eventually. But who has the chops (choppas?) to take on his roles? Who has the physical prowess, the stature, the overall presence to fill the Series 1,000’s recently-stolen shoes? Arnold may have found the answer: J.J. Watt.

If you think about it, football star isn’t the worst choice. At 6’5”, 290-pounds, Watt is a ridiculous combination of size, speed and strength — have you seen his vertical? What’s more, he’s an Arnold fan. He recently tried to copy Schwarzenegger’s famous accent. OK, the accent needs a bit of work, but if Arnold’s sold then so are we.