The Money in the Bank contract has built a reputation in the WWE as a vital tool for a rising superstar. Almost every contract owner who has cashed in on his title shot has won the WWE Championship.

Note that we said “almost”.

On Smackdown Live this week, Baron Corbin, the current Mr. Money In The Bank, decided to make his move by interrupting a match between John Cena and Jinder Mahal to challenge Mahal for the WWE Championship.

And…he failed. Miserably.

After a distraction from Cena, Mahal immediately pinned Corbin and retained his championship. This marks only the third time someone has cashed in a Money in the Bank contract without winning the belt.

Cena was thrilled by this turn of events, which isn’t surprising judging from this recent Instagram post:

Sometimes, a picture really does say a thousand words. Briefcase or no, Corbin can still prove himself a worthy contender if he’s able to take down Cena at SummerSlam.