The World Armwrestling League’s 2016 Championship season took to ESPN2 this summer, offering viewers a glimpse into America’s next big sport.

This Sunday at 11 p.m. EST on ESPN2, check out the best of the WAL Championships if you missed out on the action the first time around.

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Sunday’s program will feature:

1. Battle of the WAL women – It’s not just guys that love to arm wrestle. The WAL women’s division is massive, and for the first time this year, their wars are being showcased on ESPN. Tune in to find out who will take home a WAL Hammer of Champions across three female weight classes.

2. It’s technical – Arm wrestling is about so much more than big biceps. There’s hand placement, wrist placement, elbow placement and a bevy of offensive and defensive strategies at play.

3. Two-time hammer holders – The four weight classes of the men’s division have rarely featured a puller who can win top weight class honors on both the right and left arm. But this year, several pullers started the season with exactly that goal in mind. Can they live up to their own hype?

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