It seems that history does in fact repeat itself, as highlighted by Brock Lesnar’s defeat last night at the hands of former World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg. Lesnar’s defeat is reminiscent of a similar one he suffered from Goldberg 12 years ago.

In the weeks leading up to the match, both wrestlers made appearances on Raw to build the anticipation for their reunion clash.

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Goldberg, who has been out of the squared circle since 2004, beat Lesnar in just 84 seconds of the WWE Survivor Series match; the move that finished Lesnar off? The Jackhammer.

Goldberg’s win is shocking to many as, according to CBSSports, Lesnar was believed to be the one to defeat Goldberg, getting his long-awaited revenge in the process. So what’s next for Goldberg and Lesnar after the results of this most recent showdown? Your guess is as good as ours, but something tells us that both men will be making future appearances in the ring.