The Monster Among Men vs. The Beast Incarnate. A match made in…well, probably not heaven.

While Brock Lesnar ultimately came out victorious during the WWE Universal Championship match at SummerSlam, Braun Strowman had made his mark on The Beast by crushing him with an announcer’s table, forcing him to be wheeled out of the ring on a stretcher before eventually coming back and taking the win.

On Raw this week, Lesnar came to the ring with his manager, Paul Heyman, to bask in his victory at SummerSlam. However, the celebration was canceled when Strowman unexpectedly came to the ring and knocked Lesnar down with a running powerslam.

After the chaos ensued, the Raw commentary team confirmed what many were waiting and hoping for: Strowman will be facing Lesnar one-on-one for the Universal Championship at No Mercy next month. This is the first time Strowman and Lesnar will be facing each other in a traditional duel.

No Mercy will broadcast live on the WWE Network from the Staples Center on September 24, which can’t come soon enough.