Brian Shaw Shows Gnarly Hamstring Bruise From His 2019 Arnold Injury

The four-time World’s Strongest Man gives fans an update on his recovery.

At the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival, Brian Shaw tore his hamstring during a world record-breaking deadlift attempt, hindering his performance throughout the weekend and resulting in an eighth-place finish. Before this injury-shortened showing, Shaw hadn't finished below second in the last six ASC’s. Naturally, this kind of injury would result in some pretty serious bruising, which the former World's Strongest Man showed off in the video below. However, he's looking to rebound quickly and already started treatment to get his hamstring back in working order. 

First, he did some stretching with his rower before heading to a chiropractor to get ARP Wave treatment, a more intuitive stim therapy that uses a “specific waveform which allows for the resultant current to penetrate deep within the tissues being treated through a combination of differing frequencies, duty cycles, and outbursts," according to ARP Wave Boston

Shaw was very optimistic about his treatment and the progress of his injury, saying, “Every day, I’m just being positive, finding something that’s a little bit better, whether it’s the coloration, or I can move a little bit better, or I can go a little bit longer with getting blood in there (his hamstring) with the rower.” 

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