It’s easy to see jacked celebrities and chalk their physiques up to the money and time they have to invest in their fitness. But when a celebrity is seriously shredded, you know they’ve put the effort into their diet and workout the way anyone else would. That definitely holds true for Chris Hemsworth, who rose to fame playing Thor in the Avengers franchise.

Hemsworth was big when he started his Thor run back in 2011, but by the time his character showed up on screen in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok, he was noticeably much bigger and leaner. It didn’t happen overnight, but he transformed his physique into one of the fittest in Hollywood ahead of Avengers: Age of Ultron and Avengers: End Game. Hemsworth is also starring in Men in Black International alongside his Ragnarok co-star, Tessa Thompson, in 2019.

With Hemsworth’s always-packed schedule and constant traveling, it can’t always be easy to get a workout in, but he clearly manages to get it done no matter what. The actor even shares workouts with his trainer, Luke Zocchi, via Instagram from time to time, and they’re no joke. We’ve rounded up some of his best fitness posts, and we bet you’ll be thinking about your next workout by the time you get through them.

Chris  Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth’s God-Like Thor Workout

Chisel out the Avenger's physique with the official routine from his trainer for the Marvel films.

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