Chris Pratt is the latest celebrity to get in on the #Flex4Force challenge, which is an initiative for “Americans to show their strength as a Force Behind the Forces by striking a biceps flex in support of our nation’s military and sharing it on social media,” according to

Here we have Pratt striking his pose and giving us a rather detailed breakdown of the name of his bicep:

Clearly, Pratt felt slighted and needed to address the whole biceps-naming thing, “’The Rock’s’ not the only one who names his guns by the way. Allow me to introduce you to my left arm, Melissa. She’s less of a blunt force tool and more of an emotionally supportive friend.”

Here is “The Rock’s” initial challenge: 

We should expect to see another massive bicep from a celebrity pretty soon, as Starlord made sure to challenge Guardians of the Galaxy co-star and Muscle & Fitness cover star Dave Bautista

This challenge clearly tilts in favor of those who are swole in the biceps region; get your pump going with this advanced workout and join in on the #Flex4Force challenge.