Conan took a little tour of WWE 2K14 this week in his “Clueless Gamer with Conan O’Brien” segment. The gags start flying after Conan and sidekick Aaron Blair look at the WWE characters and Conan soon picks Sheamus (check out our Sheamus workout), who he says looks like “Louie CK crossed with Bart Simpson.” He also goes for him because “he’s Irish like me, and I love that he has made no attempt to get a tan.” Conan (Sheamus) takes on Aaron (Kane) and the puns keep coming.

After the first match, Conan reveals the character of himself that he created using one of the game’s cool features and steps into the ring with The Rock for an Inferno match. What follows is the last thing you would expect. Pretty funny stuff, check it out:

Check out Mark Wahlberg telling Conan about his young son punching The Rock where the sun don’t shine >>