Sports have always been a mental battle just as much as a physical one, and it appears Conor McGregor is from that school of thought. 

Since the superfight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. was confirmed last week, McGregor has taken his antics up to a new level with this rather larger mural of him landing a left punch on the chin of a man who appears to be Mayweather. 

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I am a filthy Irish animal.

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Here’s another angle

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Tunnel vision

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McGregor is the clear underdog in this fight, and he’s looking to use every piece of motivation he has leading up to the superfight. 

On the other hand, Mayweather hasn’t joined in on the trash talk since the fight was announced. 

This fight’s polarizing contestants have urged people in both the boxing and MMA communities to chime in, especially Joe Rogan. 

Recently on his podcast he mentioned, “[If McGregor kicked Mayweather], that would be f**ked up…[But] could you imagine? He would be a god damn folk hero.” Take a look for yourself at the 4:40 mark.

The hype surrounding the fight can sometimes very well be more interesting than than the actual fight itself, so we should embrace all of the shenanigans leading up to it.