Conor McGregor Stars In Final Episode of 'The 13th Jockey'

"The Notorious" wins the Pegasus World Cup Invitational in final episode of "The 13th Jockey."

The final build-up to the Pegasus World Cup Invitational, the world’s richest horse race, is now complete with this fourth and final episode of 'The 13th Jockey.' The series was capped off this past Saturday during the live NBC broadcast prior to the race. 

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Director Frank Coraci, from the The Waterboy and The Wedding Singer created the episodes to focus on Conor McGregor’s quest to become the best horse jockey in the world. In the latest clip, The Notorious is seen decked out in his king-like wardrobe (picked out in episode 3), and ready to start the race. Before the start, his trainer Jon Lovitz hands him a scarf to wear, but as the gates open, it gets caught, throwing McGregor off, and leaving him without a horse, but that doesn't stop him from out running every horse on foot. 

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Despite his early troubles, McGregor still manages to become "the greatest jockey on the planet". And yes, he still apologizes “to abso-f******-lutely nobody!” 

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