We’d say gender reveals are starting to get weird, but that line was crossed when a woman somehow managed to fart a colored powder out of her behind to reveal she was having a boy. Long gone are the days people simply cut into a cake to see if the buttercream inside is pink or blue — now you have to shoot something, dive into a tray of lasagna, or hit a baseball.

And now, the craze has entered the fitness world with this dual deadlift gender reveal. Jesse Wilwerding and his partner Alison lifted a barbell up and allowed the powder-filled balloons to slip underneath the weights so that when they dropped it they found out they were having a…we’ll let you see for yourself.


Not much is known about the couple, as Jesse’s Instagram profile — where the video originated from — is private (he probably didn’t want to catch flack for wearing Crocs). We can see though that his bio includes a CrossFit emoji, so we can probably assume that’s why a barbell was used in place of a cake.

We can also probably assume this baby’s coming into this world by doing burpees into the doctor’s hands.

Personally, we’re fans of our very own David Baye’s form of gender reveal — which involves having a dog walk over with a bunch of balloons. (Congrats again, David!)