M&F favorite Terry Crews unveiled another layer of his talent on Jimmy Kimmel Live!  this week when some of his art was shown during the interview. Not only can this man make hilarious Old Spice commercials, take his place among action legends in The Expendables 3 and teach you a thing or two about getting in Crews shape, but it also turns out he’s a talented artist.

During the interview, Crews tells Kimmel that he was inspired to be an artist after watching Star Wars in 1977. He went on to tell the talk show host that he was offered an art scholarship before a football scholarship (let’s not forget that he played in the NFL for several years). In fact, Crews said that because he was cut from six teams in seven years, he made ends meet by offering to paint portraits of fellow players (check out the example above).

However, the most unusual thing that Crews told Kimmel was that his very first job was to draw courtroom sketches for the worst murder case in Flint, Michigan, history. More power to you, Terry! Check out the interview: