With a highly anticipated Hellboy reboot on the horizon, Stranger Things star David Harbour finds himself needing an intensive workout regimen as soon as possible to play the title character.

The demandingly demonic role of Hellboy will require serious physical training. So in preparation, Harbour called on none other than Hollywood’s A-list trainer, Don Saladino, to hook him up with a plan.

The duo decided on a 10-week boot-camp-style regimen to take the Stranger Things police chief to darkness-fighting demon in no time.

If Saladino’s reputation and this Instagram teaser are any hint of what’s to come, Harbour is in for quite the ride.

You can follow Saladino and Harbour’s hellacious adventure on the Fitner app, on which Saladino’s channel will be posting “weekly workouts” and tracking Harbour’s “10-week transformation, nutrition and everything else.” You can also check out DonSaladino.com for more information on everything he and the stars are up to fitness-wise.