Dwayne Johnson is Getting Continuously Stolen from the ‘Baywatch’ Standee

Fans of "The Rock" are extremely excited about his latest movie, so much so that they're taking him home with them.

Dwayne Johnson walks on the beach on the set of Baywatch.

Baywatch is less than a month away from release, and standees have been the main target from fans in anticipation of the movie. The targeted individual was none other than Dwayne Johnson

Take a look below to see what "The Rock" had to say about the situation, and what an Instagrammer did with the cut out. He is clearly enjoying the love, because in the caption he wrote, “I just want to see what you're doing w my cut out. I'll repost the most inappropriately funniest ones.” 


In addition to the immense promotion leading up the movie, apparently at airports across the country there are giant sections dedicated to the film. 

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As you can see above, "Hypnotize" is blasting, and images from the movie are plastered everywhere, but the best part is the sign Johnson is holding at the end that says, “Bitches ain’t ready.”