Few people have the ability to inspire personal accomplishment like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Time and again, today’s biggest and baddest action hero motivates countless people throughout the world to be their best.

In his ongoing effort to encourage greatness, Johnson recently launched lifestyle brand, Project Rock, which today announced the release of “Rock Clock” — a motivational alarm clock mobile app made to inspire people to set and achieve goals.

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How It Works

Dwayne Johnson Motivates Users to Get Out of Bed and Get After It with "Rock Clock"

Be prepared to “Bring It” everyday with the Rock Clock. The apps allows users to set a goal and a target completion date. Users can also set a morning alarm and choose from 25 Rock-inspired alarm tones, all personally selected by “The People’s Champion.” Imagine waking up to motivational videos and messages that Johnson personally sends each day, reminding you of your goals and inspiring you to get out there and accomplish them. If that won’t light a fire under your ass, nothing will!

The Rock Clock is definitely no snooze. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t even have a snooze button – and that’s by design. Nothing will ever get done if you keep putting if off little by little, so this clock does not accommodate any procrastination. For the ambitious users, there is also an option to set the clock to “Rock Time,” which syncs up with Dwayne Johnson’s schedule. You better be prepared to get up as early as 3:50 am, though, as The Rock is an early riser.

“When millions of you shared your goals with me, it inspired an idea to create something to encourage you all to chase greatness. Pulling the best resources, we were able to make it happen,” said Dwayne Johnson. “Our goals don’t accomplish themselves, and now you can get after them with the help of the Rock Clock.” Dany Garcia, Johnson’s longtime manager and founder of The Garcia Companies added, “there were so many powerful testimonies where Dwayne inspired individuals and The Rock Clock is another venture of Project Rock where we will continue to break new ground and create positive impact.”

Main Photo Credit: Hiram Garcia