Back in April, Dwayne Johnson separated himself again from other celebrities by launching his Project Rock clothing collection with Under Armour which feature his highly coveted training shoes.  

The Project Rock Delta sneakers opened to a great reception and sold out twice over the course of a few days. He recently posted the video below that shows off the new Desert Sand USDNA Rock Delta prototype shoes. It has not been confirmed if the sneakers are just a new color, or an updated version of the original release.

In addition to his shiny new shoes, we also get to see “The Rock” blast out a few seated cable row reps. If you want to get massive like Johnson, check out his shoulder and arms routines to get on the right track.

Johnson seems to be on a hot streak at the gym—just the other day he showed us that he never skips legs day

As far as the sneakers go, Johnson didn’t reveal a specific launch date, but he did say they would be coming in the fall.