We know that our executive editor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is passionate about bodybuilding, politics and movies. We know because he has spent significant periods of his life getting to the top of each of these domains. But did you know that he is as passionate about climate change and trying to help find ways not to destroy our planet for the generations to come?

To celebrate Earth Day, we are highlighting the contribution that Arnold made to Years of Living Dangerously, a documentary series that sheds a cold light on the havoc that climate change is wreaking on the planet and its inhabitants. Arnold executive produced the Showtime series with James Cameron, Jerry Weintraub and Daniel Abbasi, and he explains what inspired him to take part in this project. “During the time I was in office we have seen the beginning of the elimination of the fire season completely and are having fires all year round. I think we have seen the major problem of the destruction of land and property and lives that is a major problem because we don’t have the resources for that many fires and we don’t have the resources and the manpower to fight those fires throughout the year.”

He took to Twitter to highlight his appearance in the show and to tell followers what it meant to him: