Eddie Hall just pulled off a huge upset at the World’s Strongest Man competition, and he became the first British competitor to win since Gary Taylor back in 1993. 

“The Beast” narrowly won the title with a combination of flipping a “1,080lb tire for times, viking press 352lbs for 15 reps, squat 700lbs for 15 reps, pull a plane, deadlift 1,042lbs and load 5 atlas stones,” according to startingstrongman.com.

He beat out Hafthor Bjornsson by only a single point, and last year’s champ, Brian Shaw, by two points. 

Here are a few clips of the squatting and viking press events that helped seal the deal. 





Following his victory, Hall posted this to Instagram announcing his retirement from the World’s Strongest Man event. 

Although we won’t see him in this competition any longer, he did mention, “I’ll still be on the British scene for many years to come.” So we will get a chance to see him moving forward.