Ezekiel Elliott Tackles Fan at Pro Bowl Then Beats Him in 40-Yard Dash

Watch one of the few bright spots from the NFL’s Pro Bowl game last night.

As usual, the Pro Bowl was it’s normal uneventful game that lacked effort and excitement, but that doesn’t mean there were no memorable highlights from the game on Sunday night. Dallas Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott found a way to entertain himself, but the action came between plays when a fan rushed the field. 

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Elliott bolted from the sidelines and tackled (the lightest definition of the word) a young fan when he rushed the field and was heading for the huddle of players. After, the star running back decided to let the fan up and race him to the end zone before security swiftly brought him off the field. 

Elliott was all fun and games; after the Pro Bowl he posted this to his Instagram, where he tooted his own horn regarding the form of his tackle. 


Perfect form tackle! My Pro Bowl wrapped in a nut shell

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