This Saturday night, Wayne Barrett, one of the 8-man-tournament fighters for Glory 17, Los Angeles will be showcasing his kickboxing skills and chiseled physique in the ring. 

To prepare for his fights, Barrett follows a strict eating and training regimen that keeps him shredded and strong. Check out his typical breakfast and post workout meal along with his body-pounding morning workout.

Breakfast (9 AM)

Three bananas, egg whites and sweat potato

Cup of juiced fruits (carrots, apples, ginger, blueberries)

Shot of wheatgrass

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Workout (10 AM) 

  • Shadow box for 3 rounds or jump rope
  • Foam Roll
  • Bag work for 3 rounds (kicks, punches, knees)
  • Pad work for 8 hard rounds with trainer 
  • Note: Last 30 seconds of the round repeat one technique over and over again till bell. 
  • 500 crunches 
  • Neck exercises 
  • Stretch

Post Workout Meal 

  • Protein smoothie, BCAA’s
  • Grilled chicken, broccoli and salad. 
  • Rehydrate with coconut water

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Photographs by Anthony B. Geathers