Aussie TV Host has Quote-Off with Arnold

Arnold went on Australian TV recently, and little did he know that a supposed interview would turn into a quotable Arnold session. TV host and super fan Karl Stefanovic didn’t really want to know about Arnold’s best training tips, instead launching into some of the action star’s greatest quotes. Arnold recognized that the guy was a genuine fan and got into the spirit of things, even whipping out a quote he used in Total Recall and giving it some context, Arnold style. Awesomely funny stuff.

Flacco to Play Unitas on the Silver Screen

A couple of months removed from winning the Super Bowl with the Ravens, Joe Flacco is reportedly turning his hand to more thespian pursuits. The Super Bowl MVP is set to star as legendary Baltimore Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas in Unitas We Stand, a project being co-produced by Unitas’ son Joe.

However, Unitas’ grandson J.C., who is from another branch of the family, is not impressed by the casting choice. “My grandfather and his legacy deserves only the best, and this is not it,” he said, according to USA Today. Ouch, we’ll reserve judgment until we see if Flacco can act, even if it is playing out a game on the football field. The movie is slated for a 2014 release.

7-Year-Old’s Inspirational Touchdown

The Nebraska Cornhuskers’ spring football game was marked by a great touchdown by Jack Hoffmann, who wore the number 22 jersey. Hoffmann ran for 69 yards to the acclaim of all in the stadium.

The interesting thing about Hoffman is that he is seven years old and was diagnosed with brain cancer in April 2011. If this video doesn’t move you, then nothing will. Tip of the hat to the Cornhuskers for making this happen.

42 – The Jackie Robinson Movie Opens

On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson became the first African-American to play in the big show when he made his major league debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers. On April 12, 2013, 42 – a film that chronicles Robinson’s first season with the Dodgers – opens in the U.S. Chadwick Boseman plays the lead and Harrison Ford plays Dodgers owner Branch Rickey. The movie has a 72% rating on

Donaire v Rigondeaux

These guys don’t have arms like Wladimir Klitschko, but they sure know how to throw a punch. Nonito Donaire and Guillermo Rigondeaux are the unbeaten kings of the super bantamweight division. Donaire was voted 2012 Fighter of the Year and is a four division champion, while Rigondeaux is a two-time Olympic champion with an incredible amateur career behind him. Donaire, a 30-year-old Filipino American, is looking to end this one early while Rigondeaux, who defected from Cuba to follow his professional dreams, just said he would be ready. This has the makings of a great fight, and it will be televised on HBO this Saturday night from Radio City Music Hall in New York.