A few months back, retired 50-0 boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. announced that he’d be fighting Japanese kickboxing star Tenshin Nasukawa at Rizin 14, and everyone was pretty surprised. The announcement came out of left field, and no one was sure what the rules would be or whether the fight was just an exhibition. It didn’t help that a few hours after the announcement, Mayweather said, “that’s not happening.” But then, he announced that the New Year’s Eve fight was going to happen—as an exhibition match.   

The fight finally went down, and Mayweather ended up making some of the easiest money of his life. The initial deal was $9 million for nine minutes of sparring, according to Mayweather’s Instagram post.

But Mayweather knocked Nasukawa down three times in the first round, and the 20-year-old kickboxer’s corner threw in the towel.

In less than one round of easy boxing (139 seconds, to be exact), Mayweather made $9 million. Not a bad payday, if you ask us. He insists that he’s still retired, and that the match against Nasukawa doesn’t affect either of their undefeated records.