In late August, Floyd Mayweather Jr. did what most people expected of him: beat Conor McGregor in the boxing ring. The immense press tour, the hype, and McGregor’s great trash-talking skills may have swayed some opinions, but not the results.

HBO’s veteran boxing commentator, Jim Lampley, was not one of those people enamored with the mega-fight—on the contrary, he thought the entire bout was a contrived mockery. He went as far as to say that Mayweather “obviously” threw rounds so “the entire global wish MMA community could have something to latch on to,” according to

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“Why did he allow Conor McGregor to win three rounds?” he said. “Why did the whole thing last 10 rounds? It’s all a setup.”

These statements do have some credence, but the fact that Lampley works for HBO and the fight was on its rival network, Showtime, does add a grain of salt to these statements.

Lampley is most likely sounding off now because Mayweather recently posted a few clips of him in the gym working out.

Take a look at the Instagram clips below:

It’s undeniable that Mayweather is a superior businessman and an athlete who, although retired, still appears to be in amazing shape. Only time will tell if we see the undefeated boxer put his record on the line again.

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