In 1991, a 23-year-old LL Cool J went shirtless for some shadowboxing and heavy iron-pumping in his video Mama Said Knock You Out. It was clear then that the 6-foot-1-inch rap artist, who inadvertently coined one of the most popular exercise anthems of all-time, was a fan of fitness.

Fast forward to 2007. While most guys would have given a left anything for LL's 1991 build, his new physique is the stuff of M&F cover models. Lean and well-muscled from head-to-toe, the 39-year-old LL is just hitting his physical stride. By incorporating some sound dieting with an already grueling fitness regimen, he's been able to recreate his body at a time when most men hit a wall.

Under the guidance of his high-energy personal trainer, Dave Scooter Honig, LL has blossomed into the most shredded emcee on the scene. While Scooter feeds LL a steady diet of heavy lifts like squats, overhead presses and benches, it's the departure into boxing conditioning and high-intensity plyometric training that has really helped refine (and define) LL's physique.

Their new book, LL Cool J's Platinum Workout, featuring Jeff O'Connell, is a detailed account of LL's training, both physically and philosophically. In Platinum, LL recounts how he got swoll for the cameras, how he's able to run circles around men half his age and what the rest of us mere mortals can do to get a platinum physique.

His best workout tip? As an M&F reader, his answer won't surprise you.

"Keep your body guessing constantly," LL says. "The reason this works well for me is that my body becomes used to things very quickly now so I have to constantly switch it up to keep from becoming bored."

But before you can switch things up, you'll need a starting point.

That in mind, Scooter and LL are providing an exclusive four-week workout to visitors. Try the following routine for a month before diving back into your regular program. You'll be stronger and leaner for the effort. Hey, it worked for LL.

Day 1: Legs, chest, back, biceps, triceps

Exercise Sets Reps
Squat 4 4,6,8,12
Single-Leg press 3 20
Wide-grip dip 6 5
–Superset with–    
Pull-up 6 5
Incline dumbbell curl   4
–Superset with–
Pressdown 4 5

CARDIO: Your choice of cardio, 30 min at 75% of MHR (max heart rate).
1 Rest one minute between sets.
2 Increase weight to reach failure on each successive set at number of reps listed.
3 After 20 reps, add roughly 25% more weight, rest 20 seconds, do 10 more reps, add another 25%, rest 20 seconds, then do 5-10 more reps or rep until failure.

Day 2: Boxing circuit/conditioning

Boxing Activity Time
Jump rope 1 min.
Push-up 30 sec.
Push-up with hand on medicine ball 30 sec. (each side)
Squat jump 1 min.
Jump rope 1 min.
Plyometric push-up 1 min.
Medicine ball twist 1 min.
Jump rope 1 min.
Alternating plyometric lunge 1 min.
Sit-up OR crunch 1 min.
Squat jump 1 min.
–Rest 3-4 minutes and repeat twice.  
Rest briefly between sides.  

Treadmill Workout

Incline Time Intensity
5.0 1 min. 85% MHR
6.0 1 min. 85% MHR
3.0 1 min. Full sprint

–Rest for 1 minute and repeat 6-10 times.
–If possible, Scooter recommends 1 min. of heavy-bag work between levels on the treadmill.

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Chest, back, shoulders, triceps

Exercise Sets Reps
Incline barbell press 4 4,6,8,12
Weighted incline push-up 4 To failure
Deadlift 5 5
–Superset with–
Overhead dumbbell press 5 5
Upright row    
–Superset with–
Lateral raise 3 10
One-arm pressdown 5 5 (each arm)

CARDIO: Your choice of cardio, 45 min at 80% of MHR.
1 Rest one minute between sets.
2 Increase weight to reach failure on each successive set at number of reps listed.
3 Have a training partner load plates on your back and monitor your balance throughout the set, stripping weight off as you fatigue.

Day 5: Back, biceps, chest, triceps

Exercise Sets Reps
Wide-grip barbell row 4 4,6,8,12
Barbell curl 5 5
–Superset with–    
Close-grip plyometric push-up 5 5
Pulldown 3 10
–Superset with–    
Straight-arm pulldown 3 12 reps each
Upright row 3 10
–Superset with–    
Dumbbell lateral raise 3 10
One-arm cable pressdown 5 5 (each arm)
Standing calf raise 5 20,15,12,6,6

Rest one minute between sets.
2 Increase weight to reach failure on each successive set at number of reps listed.

Day 6: Cardio Only
Treadmill Workout

Time Intensity
1 min. Full sprint
1 min. Light jog

–Repeat sequence 15 times for 30 total minutes of work.

Day 7: Rest