This Fruit Company Wants You to Go Bananas for Exercise

Chiquita is putting fitness stickers on its bananas to encourage people to work out.

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You might notice something different about your bananas the next time you need some potassium. For the month of July, Chiquita will replace its iconic blue banana sticker with fitness stickers prompting people to do an exercise, including 15 squats, 15 push-ups, a one-minute plank, or 30 knee-highs.

We don’t have to tell you that bananas are a great fitness food. They’re filled with easily digestible carbs and potassium, important for muscle function, and are the base for plenty of better-for-you pancakes and smoothies. But a good diet without exercise means nothing, so we applaud Chiquita for encouraging people to work out more.

"At Chiquita, we wanted to launch a new sticker series that would remind our fans that fitness can be fun and easy with the right tools in hand," Jamie Postell, director of North American sales for Chiquita, said in a statement.

The company has created a fitness challenge on its website,, with a six-day exercise calendar. For example, Day One will have you complete 20 jumping jacks, 20 deep lunges, and a one-minute wall sit. The brand also posted several banana-based recipes to fuel your workouts. 

Banana eaters and fitness fanatics are encouraged to share their exercises on social media using the hashtag #ChiquitaChallenge.

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