Unless you’re hitting up the local comic store on the regular, the name Umbrella Academy probably meant nothing to you until a few days ago, when Netflix premiered its adaptation of the Dark Horse Comics series to pretty much universal praise. (Seriously, it’s awesome and well worth your binge energy.)

Very coincidentally, on the day the series debuted, the March issue of Muscle & Fitness hit stands, with Umbrella Academy star Tom Hopper on the cover. On the show, which blends superhero tropes with dark humor and a touch of the bizarre, Hopper plays the super-powered astronaut, Luther Hargreeves. Looking like he was plucked straight from the pages of the comic, Hopper’s physique is a sight to behold—he’s a lanky 6’5” with more mass than many NFL players. In the video below, we go behind the scenes of his cover shoot and learn more about the workout that helped craft his larger-than-life physique.