2018 World’s Strongest Man Hafthor Bjornsson is known for his impressive lifts, but he took things up a notch a few days ago when he decided to bench press his wife, Kelsey Henson, while he was in the middle of getting a tattoo on his thigh. 

The Icelandic Strongman posted an Instagram video of the tattoo/lifting session, and it looks like he could bench Henson for an indefinite number of reps. 



We’ve seen Bjornsson deadlift more than 1,000 pounds and bench press nearly 550 pounds, so it’s safe to say lifting Henson isn’t exactly a challenge. She stands at 5’2″ and 51kg (112 pounds), according to her Instagram bio, meaning benching her is seriously light weight for Thor. But anyone who’s been tattooed can attest to the fact that lifting while feeling the needles scrape across your skin would be pretty miserable. 

In the video, you can’t see what tattoo artist Gunnar the Fifth is working on, but Bjornsson gave fans a better look in later posts. Check it out: 





According to Bjornsson, the pair started on the piece about a year ago, and in a separate post, Gunnar revealed that it took three days to finish it up. On a guy as big as Bjornsson, that actually sounds like a pretty quick timeline. 

As always, we’ll just remind you never to try this risky move at your local shop—although we’re willing to bet most tattoo artists would never let an average person attempt this, anyway. Leave it to the strongest men in the world to entertain their followers with stunts like these.