Henry Cavill Is Legitimately More Jacked Than a Statue of Superman

Let that sink in.

There are tons of physically demanding Hollywood roles that require our favorite stars to hulk out, but not many roles require a body that earns the nickname Man of Steel. Henry Cavill is that brawny body, and has played Superman in three separate films already—and looks damn good doing it. However, it’s clear that Cavill has reached a new level when he posted this photo on Instagram revealing way more mass. 



I don't always workout, but when I do, I workout with Superman. #Superman #GymStuff @FlexGymBudapest

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A possible reason for the added mass is his latest role in upcoming series The Witcher.  Cavill plays Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix original, based off of the novel-turned-video game. According to, Geralt is a “monster hunter for hire, who possessed superhuman abilities and was a master swordsman.” Cavill has already built a frame that suggests he’s had a few rumbles with some monsters. 

Here’s a clip of what he’ll look like in the show that will likely air sometime in 2020. 

Several months ago Cavill posted this picture of him working out, and documented his physical journey. 



The journey continues. Thank you to Mr Dave Rienzi for being such a wonderful guide. My physical journey over the years has been an interesting one, with plenty of pit falls and plenty of moments of reward. I've been reflecting on them a lot recently and I've been very fortunate to work with some fantastic minds. I'm thankful to them all. Recently I've been exploring some of the big players in bodybuilding, both from the past and the present. It's absolutely fascinating to see what they put themselves through, the drive and mental strength required to get to such a place physically. Phil Heath in particular has caught my eye not only for his achievements but also for his genuinely humble and informative approach to his messaging. All this while being a 7x Mr Olympia. If you haven't checked out his page it's worth a peek. @DaveRienzi @PhilHeath #GymStuff

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Until the series officially airs, we’ll just have to stay locked in to Cavill’s Instagram to see this physical transformation.

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