While there are no immediate plans for a new Superman movie, Man of Steel star Henry Cavill (who sometimes looks like he’s made of steel) is interested in reprising the role of the universe’s favorite Kryptonian.

Superman was last seen on the big screen two years ago in Justice League. While the DC Extended Universe has some movies in the works, it’s unclear how Clark Kent will figure into those plans, if at all. So that begs the question: what will become of Superman? Comic fan Roger Roecken wondered that, too, and went straight to the source.

Roecken was able to discuss Superman with Cavill himself at the recent San Diego Comic Con, and apparently, Cavill is interested in putting the cape on again. “He said he still wants to play superman,” Roecken said in a tweet. “Wants a sequel to Man of Steel. Wants to explore how it effects someone with absolute power, so many stories to tell what makes him tick.”



While not confirmed, it’s been assumed that Cavill won’t play Superman since no movies about the character are planned for the near future. But Hollywood’s a fickle place, and we could easily see a Man of Steel 2 drop in no time if Warner Bros. thought it’d be worthwhile.

Neither Cavill nor Warner Bros. have commented on the tweet, but the comments seem to have given some Superman fans hope that he’ll once again fly into a theater near you.

In the meantime, Cavill isn’t hurting for work. He’ll portray monster hunter Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s adaption of the popular book/video game series The Witcher, due out late this year.

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