Before we start talking about how freakish it is that 23-year-old powerlifter Larry Wheels is out here benching 225 pounds with one arm, we should stress that you really shouldn’t try this at your own gym (despite what he tells you in his Instagram caption). Just leave this type of feat to Mr. Wheels, OK?

Great. Now, back to talking about Larry being an absolute anomaly of strength.

As you can see, not only does he power 225 pounds off his chest with one arm, he does so without any big struggle—it’s just another part of his workout, seemingly. On an Instagram page full of jaw-dropping power exhibitions, this one ranks among his more cartoonishly impressive (he also posted a video where he squats 500 pounds for a set of 25, which gets our legs wobbly just watching).

Anyone who benches knows that 225 pounds is one of the big milestones in your progress. Even the NFL uses the 225-pound bench to measure a draftee’s strength as part of the combine. So, to see Wheels do it with one arm is pretty astonishing—if not a little disenchanting if you yourself struggle with the same weight. Check out the video below: