Hilary Swank can now add “designer” to her list of accomplishments. The actress has just launched Mission Statement, her own collection of athleisure wear, or as Swank likes to call it, “aesthetic wear.”

Swank has spent the last two years developing this project, with the company having its official launch on October 18th. In an interview with Well and Good, Swank says that the development of the apparel came from her need of “workout clothes that crossed over into my day life, that I couldn’t find.”

The collection is described as being “a mix of high-performance and high-fashion,” and includes items such as sports bras, washable leather pants, arm warmers and more. The prices range from $125 for one of their sports bras, to $1,150 for one of their leather jackets.

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For Swank, this clothing line is about more than just cute, chic outfits; it’s also about encouraging women to branch out.

“The underlying purpose of the brand is to encourage women to find an hour in the 24-hour day to follow their dreams to remember what their purpose here on earth is,” Swank elaborated. As far as we know, we only have one life, how do you want to live it?”

You can check out Swank’s apparel line at www.missionstatement.com.