Mark Wahlberg’s always had a dominant physique, but he’s walking around with straight-up tree trunks for arms and one hell of a six-pack, as evidenced by Instagram.

Wahlberg’s been clean-bulking and shredding fat.

Mark Wahlberg

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The actor and fitness fanatic seems to be in the best shape of his life.

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He’s gotten down to 6.9% body fat—impressive for any guy, let alone one over 45—but Wahlberg’s used to transforming his physique.

He admits he usually puts on muscle, then leans out. This time he did the opposite: He got ripped, and is now building up solid muscle. To complement a heavy-duty lifting regimen and protein-rich diet, he’s stacking creatine and branched-chain amino supplements from his very own line: Performance Inspired.

Magnus Cedenbla

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