Sara Spencer has always been an athlete, but recently she hasn’t quite felt like one. She was overweight, and was starting to feel it impacting her everyday life and her progress in the gym.

“I knew I need to make a change in my life when I was tired all the time,” the Maine resident tells M&F. “My clothes were so tight, and I was struggling to advance in CrossFit.”

She knew that a change in her diet was in order, so she decided to sign up with Trifecta Nutrition, a food delivery company that offers organic, calorie-conscious meals right to your door. Trifecta also offers a health and fitness app to log food intake and exercise as well as nutrition advice from top professionals.

For Sara, Trifecta’s Paleo plan worked best. “I am doing the Paleo meals because they really fit into my weight loss macros very well,” she says. “I am a huge vegetable lover anyway and the combination of different meats, fish and vegetables and some starch is so filling. They always give me a good combination every week of different things and it keeps it from getting boring.”

Courtesy Trifecta Nutrition

Eating the meals alone, she says, helped her feel better. Trifecta would later offer another way for her to get on track to her goal weight with its TrifectaMe 90 Day Challenge, a 12-week challenge designed to help people accomplish their fitness goals.

Each challenge starts with participants uploading their “before” photo to the Trifecta app by the starting date. Each person then tracks their daily progress—such as exercise and food intake— on the app, and then uploading their “after” photo at the end of the 90 days.

At the end, a panel of judges picks a winner based off their participation in the challenge and their overall transformation. The winner receives a free year of Trifecta food.

Sara decided to go for it. “I saw the athletes specifically CrossFit athletes that were endorsing it and I knew I could do anything for 90 days if I put my mind to it,” she says. “The most fun part was getting all the points every day and seeing my progress charts. The most challenging also was tracking every day because I don’t think I’ve ever tracked anything for 90 days consistently. It’s what works though so it’s very important.”

It certainly worked for Sara — she dropped 30 pounds in the 90 days and was declared the winner of the last challenge.

The next challenge starts on Aug. 27, and she believes anyone looking to make a change in their life should sign up. “The challenge makes it so much easier with showing you your macros and calories, being able to scan your food, log your food, and track your weight and water,” Sara says. “The 90 days went by so fast for me and when I look back I am so thankful that I made that decision that day because now I am in a much better place.”

Sara has signed up for the next challenge, as she’s looking to lose another 20 pounds and gain some serious muscle.

She also shared her five tips for losing weight and keeping it off.

  1. Don’t be afraid and just go for it.
  2. Track everything you eat and drink, even if you don’t want to. You can really see the changes you need to make and what makes a difference on the scale or in the mirror.
  3. Always try to be prepared as best you can to have the food that you need with you. That is what Trifecta is for — to help preparation be easier. It is so much easier to avoid temptation if you have what you need with you.
  4. Find a coach or a friend that you can talk to about your progress and that will encourage you along the way. I had that and it made a huge difference in me pushing forward when I wanted to stop sometimes.
  5. Just have fun with the challenge. I really did, and try to get as many points as you can each day and it’s really a big boost.

Click HERE to sign up for the next 90 day challenge, beginning August 27.